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Jule is multi-dimensional!
A full-ON, rocked out
mover & shaker, powerful holder of the space,healer, & agent of transformation!

about jule

Jule has the education, training, and experience to help you masterfully craft the life you were born to live, activating your unique gifts and empowering you to fully 'plug IN' to joy, conscious awareness, freedom, creativity, and integration of all parts of the self!  Find out why jule just might be YOUR  personal 'guru' to move.  Be Moved.  BE. TM

Jule is an international nia faculty trainer who has been moving body-mind integrators, urban athletes and adventurers in wellness since 1985!

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Jule prolifically presents her work of holistic movement and integrative psychotherapy (both publicly and privately) through her mind-body integrative wellness practice.  If you are ready to take your body and life to the NEXT level, tap in to one of Jule's transformational experiences!  Her classes will enliven you!  Her personalized private sessions will activate YOU, fully embodying YOU!  ...and her Nia Trainings will give you powerful tools to help you step in to mastery of your body & life! 


As a licensed and nationally board certified psychotherapist who has been facilitating personal growth and life transformation since 1990, Jule's gift is being able to integrate the wisdom of Nia with her counseling techniques to form an integrative, therapeutic program of wellness, healing and personal power for participants of her work.  Jule works privately with individuals seeking personal growth, self-actualization, transformation, and integration of all parts of the self.  

learn more about jule's integrative psychotherapy practice  here !

Post-Nia notes to Jule  

Testimonies of Transformation

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I just wanted to thank you. I just got home from class and I am transformed. I've been going through some stuff. Nothing horrible. Just feeling betwixt and between about money and work and where my path is taking me. I've been feeling pretty blue, to be honest and rather lost.


And tonight I walk into the studio where Jule is getting ready for class and she says, "Tonight's focus is release." And from that minute on, everything changed. I felt it all come out. All of the junk in my head. All of the blocks. All of the anger and the sadness. It all released. My body danced it out. And Jule guided me through every step. Sometimes I have to rely on her for strength to find my way back in. And she is always there. Always. 


It was an amazing class and everyone there felt it. 


So I wanted to thank you, for Nia. It has changed me. It has released me. It has brought me back to my body. I know that I'll wander away again. But I also know that I will always have Nia when I am ready to return home to again.  So, thank you.


Lauren Shevack-Leuders

Every now and then we experience the unexpected, that special someone with a unique gift for touching us or moving us in ways that truly bring out our best. Jule has been that for me with NIA. I was and am new to NIA and had struggled through a couple of classes with other instructors, I got a general idea of what to expect but it was Jule who led me to understand what NIA was all about---a full mind, body, spirit experience through the art of dance that moves me to the core--despite the fact that I don't yet really know all the steps or movements. Jule guides us through a meditative movement with grace, patience and tolerance. She encourages us to be ourselves, explore ourselves, and find ourselves. Not all  NIA instructors are equal---what Jule brings to the room is a gift that inspires and ignites and and I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from her. 

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