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Art of Sensation 

nia white belt


S T A Y   T U N E D   F O R  M O R E  O N L I N E   +  I N - P E R S O N  

T R A I N I N G   D A T E S   C O M I N G   S O O N  !  

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NIA Art of Sensation
Body + Life 

April 2 - July 16, 2024|  2pm-4pm CT

Transformational Body & Life Training with Jule Aguirre!

actualize your potential in this comprehensive training, dedicated to YOU!

Consciously shape the way you feel, look, think & LIVE with the somatic education of the nia white belt intensive training! Whether you desire to go deeper into your personal nia practice, seek personal growth & transformation, or to become a nia facilitator the Nia Intensive will change your life!!

The Nia White Belt Training presents a body centered approach to mastering the art of moving, living, and fully BEing in your body.  Over the course of the training, you will comprehensively explore Nia’s foundational principles, taking you into deeper awareness of you and your body, accessing greater Joy & pleasure, and consciously living with personal power + freedom!

Don't  miss this sensation-rich opportunity of self-discovery!

...uniquely designed for all ages, fitness levels & educational backgrounds!

This is an ONLINE format Nia White Belt Training with a luxurious space in between training days for deep integration of each principle into your WHOLE SELF! Enjoy time and space to self reflect and explore each principle in your time and your way!

NOTE: With the Covid-19 Pandemic we are working to offer options that fit the needs of all participants. The dates listed here entail the Module 1 portion of the training. We will also integrate a 2nd module with hands on/ experiential practices for each Nia White Belt Principle. There will also be a 3rd Module designed for teachers. What is in process is develping programming for All training to be done online OR for folks that prefer an in-person expereince, this option is being developed, as well. 

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what Nia White Belt grads
say about their training experience

Sofia Juncadella Ruzo 

classically trained dancer & Marketing expert for Lucchase Boots

The Nia White Belt experience was life-changing.  My first Nia class, led by Jule, was an opening of a reservoir of joy I had not tapped into since I was a kid.  Moving without judgement upon myself, freedom of feeling and expression, and an encouraging community--all were things I experienced in my weekly attendance of Nia classes at MoveStudio.  But I was just skimming the surface of the practice, and I could tell who were White Belts by the way the Nia White Belt athletes moved--they moved with a strong grace and deep connection with the practice.  I kept thinking, "I want what they have!"


So I saved up for my training at a time when my life was way too busy to do it.  In the midst of two family members graduating, I retreated into a week-long intensive training with Jule.  Beyond learning about the movement forms, I learned how to incorporate the Nia principles in my life, to the point that I was amazed at the peace I felt as an effect of following such principles as never making assumptions, living intentionally, and learning to tap into my own strength.  What's more, Jule equipped us with tools, from books to DVDs of classes to special access, that would help us continue on this path of enlightened Nia practitioners. 


Nia has brought me more joy than any movement practice ever has, and the training empowered me to take it to the next level--physically, emotionally, and mentally.  Jule is the embodiment of Nia's greatest facets, and I am blessed to have trained under her.  I encourage all my Nia friends to treat yourselves to a life-changing, beautiful experience you all deserve, led by our amazing Jule.   

sofia juncadella ruzo
Angie CAT Kaiser

AngieCAT Kaiser, Ph.D. +  Poet

"The Nia white belt training reinforced my belief that the body's way of knowing is both as real and as valid as any other way of knowing.  The training increased my awareness, from and of the body, and instilled in me a new——or older, deeper——level of knowing, including a sense of amazement for the possibilities in movement.  I am better aware of my energy's effect on others and the lack of real division that physical borders pretend!  I had believed ideally that I am not "I" alone, that I should move in this moment, but Nia helped me to move now actually.  I had found Jule's mantra ideal previous to the training, but during, I found it was possible to be in movement, both in moving and being moved.  There was no difference, and that sensation is beautiful and endless!  I hope now to share this newly remembered awareness.

I am frequently in stressful situations for my studies and work.  Rather than continue to accept this kind of corrosive energy as normal, though, the White Belt Training helped me begin to learn to find something joyful in even these moments, to reconnect to something natural as in movement, and to sustain the joy I experience when dancing.  Rather than use Nia solely as an energy release or a celebration or dance party, I am aware that there are so many more possibilities to choose.

The Nia White Belt Training allowed me to be more myself (and more of my selves!) than I have been allowed before.  I especially appreciate the encouragement to break habitual patterns and the command, "Change!"  It felt like Rilke's poem, both because I must change my life, and because I am also a cat now!"  

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