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Nia: A Workout with Spirit

Over the last several months, we have explored Nia Technique as a movement and life practice that conditions the body, amplifying cardiovascular conditioning, building strength, flexibility, mobility, stability, and agility for optimal health and wellness at ALL ages and fitness levels! We explored how Nia conditions the mind and it’s ability to go from “Monkey Mind to SUPER Brain” through engaging conscious awareness, imagination, creativity, directed focus, neurological cross-patterning and mind/body synchronized movement that delivers balance to both the physical brain and the conscious mind. We even tapped in to Nia’s way of using emotional expression to take your fitness to the next level. But one of the (many) things that makes Nia Technique truly extraordinary, is it’s appreciation of the individuality of each and every participant who steps into the Nia Class. Every person in the room is ‘unique’! Just like a snowflake, no two are alike! Each, with gifts, talents, and ways of BE-ing, that are only inhabitable by that one, unique individual! Nia ignites a call to the spirit of each participant, to be unfolded, let out, revealed in it’s uniqueness, pure potential, and ‘greatness’.

When considering the word, “spirit”, depending on one’s frame of reference, it would be easy to jump to the conclusion that Nia is “woo-woo”, wondering, “is this some kind of new-agey-metaphysical-spiritual practice?” No! It’s much simpler than that! defines ‘spirit’ as:

  1. The vital principle or animating force within living beings.

  2. Incorporeal consciousness.

  3. The essential nature of a person or group.

YES!…not woo-woo at all! Essentially, spirit defined as “life-force”.

Nia defines spirit simply as, “uniqueness”. The spirit/life force that resides in each of us is Unique, like no other, one-of-a-kind! Spirit is the elemental energy that allows you to be you! And when you connect to your spirit, that in you which is unique, there is a sense of intimacy, meaning, and purpose that allows you to feel existentially YOU….whole and complete. How you move, how you express yourself, how you exert your own personality in the class is how you “do YOU”! Now IMAGINE it! A room full of people, each honoring, moving, and expressing their unique light! A room full of people moving in their own way…in their own time…radiating their uniqueness! Well, imagine no more! Just get yourself to a Nia Class, STAT, and experience for yourself, how Nia Technique is the vanguard fitness practice that acknowledges, engages, and ‘conditions‘, not only your body and mind, but your Spirit, as well!

So many in our society (and fitness classes) are striving to ‘fit in’, or pushed toward conformity…but Nia invites us to ‘stand out’, shine our light, and radiate our essence self…because, out of all the humans who have ever lived…or who will ever live in the future, there is NO ONE like YOU! Like Bono, from U2, says in the song, Original of the Species, “YOU are the ONLY ONE of your kind!” I say, “Behave accordingly! (especially on the dance floor!)”.

5 Ways to Cultivate Your Spirit with Nia:

  1. Recognize your uniqueness!! Make a list of all the ways you are unique! Noting, what makes you, YOU?!! Include everything…no matter how big or small! All that matters is “uniqueness”!

  2. Say goodbye to ‘cookie-cutter’ methods of living/moving/BEing! Say hello to your unique radiance! You, doing YOU…in YOUR own way…and in YOUR own time.

  3. Find the courage to ADORE all that is unique within you! Have the courage to live, move, and BE, without analyzing, criticizing or judging yourself! Just BE!

  4. Find opportunities to experience community! (you will find it every time in a Nia Class!) Uniqueness is best explored in the environment of community!

  5. Become ‘spellbound’ with the uniqueness of every thing! Not only are YOU unique, but so is EVERYONE (and everything)! Enjoy the process of discovering uniqueness everywhere…and find bliss in acknowledging and interacting with spirit.

Want more? Bring Jule to your community for experiential workshops, masterclasses, and Nia Trainings and ignite your uniqueness, and spirit! Learn more at! Find Nia classes near you at


The Nia Technique: The High-Powered, Energizing Workout that Gives You a New Body and a New Life by Debbie Rosas and Carlos Rosas (2004).

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